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"Karen, you’re amazing! After only three skin-needling treatments my skin already looks better then it did 10 to 15 years ago. Over the last few years I have spent thousands of dollars on products and procedures to treat deep lines at the sides of my mouth and vertical lines on my top lip (smoker’s lines, but I don’t smoke!), without getting any real results or signs of improvement.

Today, after your treatments the lines are almost gone. What’s more, my skin feels so plump and looks so good that I no longer need wrinkle relaxers or fillers — I have no lines left to fill and no wrinkles to treat. Thank you so much for the wonderful results you’ve achieved so far.

I’ll see you in few weeks for another treatment."

“I felt old, wrinkled, my skin felt dirty even when it was clean. After my treatment with Karen my skin felt refreshed, clean and revitalized.

I felt confident and the wrinkles were reduced. Karen was always amazingly beautiful to me. Her expertise was perfect from start to finish” 

“I felt my skin needed rejuvenating as gravity had taken its toll. I saw on Karen’s website some great testimonials and photos and the results that her clients had achieved. So I felt confident that she could help me.

I was delighted when I met Karen and I thought she was very professional and gorgeous lady, not only in nature but a fabulous representative of the industry she was in. All the staff were very accommodating, warm and friendly.

I trusted Karens advice and decided to go ahead with the ‘recommended treatment. I received many compliments from my friends as well as strangers on how healthy and great my skin looked.

I recommend Karen to anybody who is seeking to improve their skin like I was.”

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