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“I always felt uncomfortable taking off my shirt due to thick dark hair on my chest and back which bothered me a great deal, so I never went shirtless!

After having 5 sessions with Karen I can now take off my shirt with absolute confidence as there was very little visible hair left. I have had 3 more follow up treatments to target some very fine hair that’s hardly noticeable. I wish I had come to see Karen sooner.

Karen was very professional and I felt really comfortable. I’m now a very happy hair-free Perth business man.”

"Karen Bowen’s IPL is genuine and fast. Six weeks after Karen did a test patch on my chest[see photo at right], the results of the IPL she administered were even better than promised.

It gave me the confidence to go ahead and have much larger areas treated, with even better results."

"I spent many years waxing unwanted hair but finally decided I needed something more permanent. A friend recommended that I try IPL by Karen Bowen, so I did.

I only had four sessions and cannot believe I’m hairless at last (being Italian I thought I’d need a lot more treatments). The difference is amazing and IPL is almost painless.

Thanks, Karen."

"I just want to say how good Karen Bowen’s IPL treatments have been for stopping hair growth and clearing up the ingrown hairs around my bikini line. I was waxing for many years and I think this caused me a big problem with ingrown hairs — I had lots of them.

Previously, I tried IPL treatments at three different places but afterwards there was very little difference in the amount of hair regrowth and I had more outbreaks of ingrown hairs. After one treatment with Karen I noticed a huge reduction in those outbreaks and less hair.

After two treatments I have no new ingrown hairs and the area is finally healing and starting to look good. Thank you so much, Karen."

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