Diathermy & Radiosurgery

Safe and Effective Cosmetic Procedure

This treatment is used to treat minor skin lesions such as skin tags, broken capillaries, cherry angiomas, milia, acne, sebaceous plugs, xanthalasmas. These treatments involve specialised equipment that transmits a high energy current administered to the area via a hair-thin sterile needle. Topical anaesthetic can be applied to the treated area if required.

Karen Bowen also offers sebaceous gland ablation.

A natural anti-bacterial powder is often prescribed to apply post-treatment as part of a thorough after-care instructions.  

What does the treatment feel like?
Clients will feel a brief stinging, zapping sensation. The discomfort resolves immediately.

What will my skin look/feel like after the treatment?
Clients typically experience mild erythema (redness) and the skin may feel warm like sunburn. Some clients experience temporary oedema (swelling). In more advanced skin lesion removal, small scabs may form and will resolve up to 14 days following treatment. Darker skin types are required to purchase quality dermal products that aid in controlling melanin activity in order to avoid post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation.

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