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The acne scarring affected me deeply, I couldn’t go anywhere without a thick layer of make up.


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Skin Struggles

I have struggled with my skin for many years, growing up and throughout my teenage years my skin wasn’t very problematic, I would have the odd breakout but nothing more than a couple of pimples. However, the one thing I did notice was that my skin would always scar and quite noticeably. It has never mattered whether it was a large or small pimple, I would still be left with scarring! This was something I became very conscious about I would be very nervous about anything causing damage to my skin. Due to this scarring, I never left the house without make up on. It became a hindrance in many aspects of my life.

After the birth of my first child, the condition of my skin worsened significantly. Not only did I suffer with post-partum thyroiditis but also, I assume to due to all the other hormone surges and changes my body went through during and post pregnancy, my skin broke out and I suffered many bad bouts of acne. The problem with my dark skin-type is that even after the breakouts have passed, I am left with scars.

The acne scarring affected me deeply, I couldn’t go anywhere without a thick layer of make up and not only was it time consuming to apply the make up, the scarring really made me feel very insecure.

I tried everything and met with every possible dermatologist, plastic surgeon and person claiming they could help! As I have always traveled a lot and also felt no one in Australia would understand how to treat dark skin, I visited “specialists” in numerous countries. Just to name a few, I met with two dermatologists in Singapore, – they promised they could help me as they said they understood darker skins, a well renowned plastic surgeon in Switzerland who claimed to understand and treat dark skins  – all of these exercises just became costly and proved to have absolutely no results!

First Visit to Karen Bowen

Living in Applecross, after many years of driving past Karen’s clinic, in 2016 I decided to call and book a consultation. I was very skeptical and really didn’t think Karen could help but as I was about to embark on a business trip to Europe for a few fashion events, I thought I would just give it one last ditched effort! I was desperate!

Karen was so sweet and kind when we met for my first consultation, I really did not have much hope and I really didn’t believe Karen could help! I remember thinking to myself, what would Karen know about dark skin?! Karen recommended a few treatments - she suggested Radiosurgery to get all the plugs out underneath my skin and then a Dermamelan peel to follow, as this would reduce my pigmentation and scarring.

It all sounded like everything I had wanted to hear for many years and it felt like such a relief to know that someone could actually help! I was still very ambivalent, but Karen seemed so confident that these treatments would help, that I booked in for the treatments just a mere couple of days later.

I knew that Karen sensed my nervousness but she was so reassuring and walked me through the whole process – she even gave me her personal mobile number and told me to contact her whenever I needed.


Nearly 2.5 years on from meeting Karen, my skin is now totally different! I even get complimented on my skin –something I never imagined would ever happen! Not only do I religiously use Karen’s products at home I have had multiple fantastic treatments with Karen - I have done more peels to treat my pigmentation, I have done a session of Nano needling and I regularly book in for Radiosurgery to keep any breakouts at bay.

Karen has always been so caring and she is really passionate about what she does, her work is more to her than a business and even though it is not widely known, she is a specialist in dark and tanned skin types.

Meeting Karen has been life changing and I could not recommend her more highly! Every time I am in Perth, I make sure to book in with Karen and I look forward to more treatments with her!

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