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"I am a 46-year-old woman who, from the age of 12 to 22, suffered from really bad keloid acne. The resulting scarring left me feeling quite disfigured and led me to research and trial many different products to improve the look of my skin. I even considered (but discounted) invasive medical procedures. Alas, none of the products I tried helped much, as the scarring was simply too deep. In May 2010 I read about skin needling inThe Sunday Times Magazine [STM]. It was described as a medical procedure, using a device called a Dermaroller®, that was designed to increase collagen production in the skin and so reduce scarring, deep lines, etc. I immediately rang Karen Bowen’s clinic to see if they could do anything about my problem.

I’ve now had six needling sessions and I’m amazed at the results. My skin looks and feels youthful and beautiful. Even after the first and second sessions I noticed a huge difference in my complexion, and after the third and fourth sessions my friends began commenting on how wonderful my skin looked and asking what I was using on it. Today, when I walk past a window or mirror and see my reflection I have to look twice to believe that it’s really me.

I would definitely recommend that anyone suffering from acne scarring try skin needling and experience the difference it makes. My skin hasn’t looked this good since I was a child."

"Having dark skin, I already knew that the options for correcting the hyper-pigmentation on my face were limited. During my first consultation with Karen Bowen – Dermal Therapist regarding this problem, skin needling was recommended and the process explained to me thoroughly.

I’ve now had three skin needling treatments on my face and the improvement is very visible. Not only has the hyper-pigmentation gone but my skin seems to glow. So, if you have dark skin and want value for money when seeking help for your skin problems, I highly recommend Karen as she does deliver on her promises. I’m looking forward to having more skin needling in the future. Thanks again to Karen and her team at Karen Bowen – Dermal Therapist. "

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