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The smile says it all for Dhara – the two photos to the left show her skin before she saw Karen Bowen and the two on the right after her treatment in time for her wedding!

“I started seeing Karen 6 months before my wedding. After having an outburst of cystic acne which made me want to hide myself from friends and family I couldn’t see much hope in any treatments.   Through several positive reviews I found Karen Bowen on the internet. Of course I was hesitant especially with having brown Indian skin.  In just a short period of time I could see a drastic improvement with Karen’s treatment.

“Karen provided me with a diet plan and skin care program with appropriate products to suit my skin type.  Her team checked up on me after every treatment to make sure I was responding well and whether I had any concerns.   Her treatment is fast and effective and provides you with a long term solution.  Today I have clear skin without pigment scarring and doesn’t need a cake of makeup to hide behind.

“I swear by Karen’s advice and would recommend her any day.  She has been a miracle worker for me and no matter how many times I say thanks to Karen it is never enough”

“When my skin developed severe acne, I spent months and hundreds of dollars on a doctor and skin specialist to try and figure out why this was happening to me since I was no longer a teenager but a young woman. Luckily I came across Karen Bowen online. After reading her client reviews I decided to give her a call, praying that she would be able to tell me what was wrong with my skin and come up with a cure, a solution or something."

“I knew from our initial phone conversation that Karen was a well-educated person with a huge amount of experience, so I was really excited about my first consultation.

Afterwards I walked out crying because I felt so overwhelmed by her kindness and empathy. I realized I wasn’t just ‘another job’ to Karen – she understood how bad my acne made me feel, that the appearance of my skin was affecting my life, and she cared.

Karen called me a few days after my first session with her to see how I was feeling and check on my progress, and for the first time in a long time I could honestly say that I saw improvements. During the next six months I placed my full trust in Karen and have now seen her countless times, initially to help with my acne and scarring and now to remove unwanted hair.

In my opinion, no-one compares to Karen when it comes to understanding and caring for her clients’ skin. She’s always found time to take my calls and answer my questions and has been nothing but supportive and accommodating. Karen has been amazing every step of the way, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. I consider her a friend. She’s changed my life by helping me feel confident and comfortable in my own skin again. Thank you so much, Karen.

“Before meeting Karen Bowen I had really bad acne and lacked knowledge about this skin disorder. Initially I went to my doctor, who referred me to a dermatologist. The dermatologist told me my only option was to take a very strong acne medication. When he told me the side effects, they sounded very scary and that confirmed my decision not to take it. There had to be another way!

However, having already tried just about every product out there that ‘guaranteed results’ (not in my case) and also visiting a number of beauty therapists, doctors and skin specialists to no avail, I felt I’d come to a dead end. I was quite depressed, wondering whether I’d have a pimple-covered face forever.

Luckily, about this time I caught up with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while. The last time I’d seen her she had pitted scarring on her face from picking at her skin all her life. Now, though, her face was flawless and she wasn’t even wearing make-up. I asked her how it happened and she said, “You have to see Karen Bowen; she’s a miracle-worker.” I booked a session with Karen the same day.

When I went in to see Karen it was like putting myself in an angel’s hands. She told me exactly what to do to achieve flawless skin. “Follow this plan,” Karen said, “and you will get results.” I loved her confidence and the way she treated me; it made me feel so at home. Every time I visit Karen’s clinic I’m greeted by the same warming presence of her and her team.

The routine Karen devised for me worked. Now I never have to wear make-up and am no longer ashamed of my skin; it’s gleaming. Since I’ve been on Karen’s skin programme and treatments I haven’t had a single pimple. Wow! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be able to say that.

Thanks a million, Karen; you and your team are awesome. Keep up the great work. You gave me back my confidence and no words can describe how that feels. Please, anyone who is suffering from acne, take action now and book an appointment with Karen and her team: they’re there to help you every step of the way”

“Since I met Karen about 2yrs ago, I have always had a positive experience. She has an eye to diagnose. I have nothing but praise for the service I have received from her.

She is not only a professional and profound knowledge in her work but a pleasure to be with.

She has treated my skin for pigment scarring and clearing me completely of acne and restored my beautiful skin and confidence. My skin glows, thanks to her treatments.

“My name is Karen. I’m 38 and never had any problems with my skin until seven years ago, when I developed cystic acne. It started me on a long and expensive journey to get help. I went to doctors and a nutritionist, then several beauty clinics. Some of them really tried but most had no idea…they took my money anyway.

Although I got to a place in my mind and my body where I was happy; still my skin did not improve. I stopped going out socially, and if I had to drop the kids at school I would cover my face and neck with my hair to hide my skin; I never wore my hair up anymore. As my skin got worse, my doctor said the cysts had to be cut out. So now I had scarring as well as acne! Finally, when I felt I had really had enough, a friend who had told me about Karen Bowen more than once persuaded me to make an appointment with her.

On my first visit to Karen, she told me exactly what was going on with my skin and what it would take to fix it. I had my first treatment with her a week later and all was well. However, after the second treatment I panicked, my skin went haywire and I began thinking, ‘More money with no result.’ Luckily, Karen called me to remind me that it would take time for things to improve and to be patient.

By the next visit my skin was starting to look great, and after the third treatment my life really changed for the better. I know not everyone is the same, but after that treatment my skin improved to the point where I no longer needed to hide behind my hair. I cut it instead, and now wear it back and love it.

I’m the girl who met the right person to help with my skin problems. I just wish I’d found Karen Bowen at the beginning of my journey…there would have been a lot less tears. This is to say thank you to Karen for giving me back my smile as well as my face.”

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