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A gentle alternative for skin renewal at Karen Bowen Dermal Therapist





Before recommending one of our facial peels in Perth we carefully evaluate your complexion, in order to select the right product for your skin type and condition, as well as your lifestyle. For example, one of our peels is administered as an overnight treatment — what could be easier than going to sleep and waking with skin that looks smoother, denser and beautifully hydrated?

Another powerful and highly effective preparation, appropriate for all skin types, is generally used as a pre-peel preparation, to ready the skin for a deeper peel treatment.

And, for those desiring the most dramatic results, an even more powerful resurfacing formulation may be used to remove dead skin cells and promote collagen formation. This peel has an effect similar to that produced by laser treatment or dermabrasion — without the risk of trauma, a long convalescence or possible contraindications. The procedure takes around 14 days, with the peel applied in layers. The number of layers is adjusted to create the result desired. As always with facial peels in Perth, the strength of the formulation is tailored to suit the colour, texture and condition of an individual’s skin.

* Chirally correct ingredients will not cause side-effects and are recognised and used by the body as intended.

Facial peels in Perth are used to treat the following skin conditions.

  • Melasma/hyper-pigmentation
  • Actinic keratosis
  • Environmental/sun damage
  • Signs of premature ageing
  • Acne

    Facial peels in Perth work by exfoliating, brightening, and increasing the skin’s natural moisture factor to produce healthier, better-looking skin. All are safe, efficient and chirally corrected* to generate immense activity in the skin.

Our facial peels in Perth contain powerful antioxidants and botanical extracts. These create a healthy change in the skin, resulting in a beautifully renewed complexion. Excellent results are achieved with minimal downtime.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a facial skin peel feel like?

Depending on the active ingredients some peels will feel warm, hot, prickly, slight stinging. Other peels you may feel very little when it is on the skin. A fan is often used to make the process more comfortable.

This will depend on the skin concern that you are treating. For some peels a recommended course of regular monthly peels are required. With others, you may only need 1-2 applications of the professional peel to achieve the desired result.

Facial peels typically cause mild localised erythema (redness) which can last 1-14 days depending on the specific peel. More advanced peels may cause erythema for 4+ weeks. Some individuals may experience mild localised oedema (swelling). Flaking and peeling of the skin is typical following a facial peel and is the shedding of dead skin cells. Following a peel, every client is provided with specific after-care instructions to ensure optimal results.

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