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"I first came to see Karen about my worsening Rosacea, I also had other issues with my skin as I was getting older (pigmentation, pore size etc) but the Rosacea I experienced on my face and chest was causing me embarrassment on a daily basis. I hated having to wear more make up to try and cover up.

When I first met Karen I had to admit to her that I had not been one to take great care of my skin, so we discussed treatment options and a daily skin care routine.

The Danne products that were recommended were amazing, and I have stuck with my daily routine as I can see and feel the difference these products make to my skin.

Karen has treated my skin with a series of IPL treatments and I am thrilled with the results. Not only has the IPL massively reduced the redness in my skin, it has lightened pigmentation marks, reduced pore size and greatly improved the overall texture of my skin – so much so that I’m confident not wearing foundation/concealer.

Karen impressed me from our first consultation with her knowledge of skin on a cellular level and of the products and treatments she was recommending to me.

Karen does not treat you as just another client, she genuinely wants the same great results that you want for yourself. The whole team at Karen Bowen create such a warm welcoming environment, that you can’t help but feel comfortable. If you want a Dermal Therapist with results based experience, then Karen Bowen is the one for you."

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