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Sarah B



“When my skin developed severe acne, I spent months and hundreds of dollars on a doctor and skin specialist to try and figure out why this was happening to me since I was no longer a teenager but a young woman. Luckily I came across Karen Bowen online. After reading her client reviews I decided to give her a call, praying that she would be able to tell me what was wrong with my skin and come up with a cure, a solution or something."

“I knew from our initial phone conversation that Karen was a well-educated person with a huge amount of experience, so I was really excited about my first consultation.

Afterwards I walked out crying because I felt so overwhelmed by her kindness and empathy. I realized I wasn’t just ‘another job’ to Karen – she understood how bad my acne made me feel, that the appearance of my skin was affecting my life, and she cared.

Karen called me a few days after my first session with her to see how I was feeling and check on my progress, and for the first time in a long time I could honestly say that I saw improvements. During the next six months I placed my full trust in Karen and have now seen her countless times, initially to help with my acne and scarring and now to remove unwanted hair.

In my opinion, no-one compares to Karen when it comes to understanding and caring for her clients’ skin. She’s always found time to take my calls and answer my questions and has been nothing but supportive and accommodating. Karen has been amazing every step of the way, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. I consider her a friend. She’s changed my life by helping me feel confident and comfortable in my own skin again. Thank you so much, Karen."



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